All plates served with choice of 2 scoops of rice or poi, lomi salmon and haupia.
Mini plates served with 1 scoop of rice and lomi salmon.



Regular $16.00
Mini $14.00

Pork rubbed with Hawaiian salt, wrapped in taro leaves and steamed in ti leaves

Kalua Pork Plate

Kalua Pig

Regular $17.00
Mini $15.00

Shredded smoked pork rubbed with Hawaiian salt

Squid Luau

Squid Lu`au

Regular $19.00
Mini $17.00

Taro leaves slowly simmered and mixed with squid and coconut milk

Chicken Long Rice Plate

Chicken Long Rice

Regular $15.00
Mini $13.00

Shredded chicken with long rice noodles in our own special chicken broth seasoned with Hawaiian salt and freshly grated ginger

Tripe Stew

Tripe Stew

Regular $18.00
Mini $16.00

Honeycomb tripe stewed in a seasoned tomato-based broth with carrots, celery and potatos

Salt Meat with Watercress

Salt Meat with Watercress

Regular $18.00
Mini $16.00

Flavorful soup with tender salted meat and fresh local watercress

Lechon Kawali

Crispy Pork Belly

Regular $22.00
Mini $20.00

Crispy fried pork served with tomatos and onions marinated in our secret sauce

Smoked Meat Plate

Smoked Meat

Regular $23.00
Mini $21.00

Pork smoked with our own combination of aromatic wood chips sauteed with sweet local onions


Regular $25.00
Mini $23.00

Bone-in short ribs marinated overnight, slowly baked, then pan-fried

Combination Plates

2 Combination Plate

2 Item Combination

Plate $26.00

Choice of 2 entree above

     add $2 for Crispy Pork Belly

     add $3 for Smoked Meat

     add $5 for Pipikaula

3 Combination Plate

3 Item Combination

Plate $32.00

Choice of 3 entree items

     add $2 for Crispy Pork Belly

     add $3 for Smoked Meat

     add $5 for Pipikaula


Cobb Salad

Island Cobb Salad with Kalua Pig

Regular $16.00
Mini $9.00

Our house salad made with kalua pig, local cucumbers, lettuce, corn, tomatos and avocados served with sweet onion dressing

Vegetarian Cobb Salad

Vegetarian Cobb Salad

Regular $10.00
Mini $6.00

Pure salad, no pork